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Adrian Walker

Investment Advisor

Adrian was born and raised in Toronto, and is a graduate of Huron College, at the University of Western Ontario. After gaining valuable international experience while working in Europe for a few years, Adrian returned to Toronto in 2006 and began his career in the Canadian financial services sector.

Spending six years with one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world, Adrian had first-hand experience working with financial advisors across Canada, and developed an in-depth understanding of what matters to investors. 

In 2012, looking forward to a growing family of his own, Adrian decided to shift his focus from corporate interests to helping families meeting their personal financial goals, and went into business with his father, Brian. In addition to managing assets, and expanding the suite of services that we are able to offer to our clients, Adrian has been modernizing communications to ensure that, in our fast-paced world, clients can always rely on us for efficient and reliable support with their financial needs.

However, despite the growing prevalence of technology for communications, Adrian still spends the majority of his time meeting with clients in their homes, where they are comfortable, to discuss their financial goals and concerns around the kitchen table.

Kimber Feaver

Investment Administrator

Office Manager

Kimber joined us in 2004, with a proficiency in mutual funds and with ten years of retail banking experience. Over the years, she has become integral to the business and essential to investors. As the first line of help, Kimber has earned regular praise for her knowledge and enthusiastic attitude.

As Office Manager, Kimber is easily the backbone of the organization and keeps the rest of us in check!

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