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The Kitchen Table Approach

When you're preparing for a new chapter in your life, your view may be clouded by all the options and decisions that lie ahead. That's why it's essential for us to ground our process in open conversation, and start developing your plan only once we are sure that we are on the same page, and that you are fully comfortable.


We call this our Kitchen Table Approach. 

step 1

Table Talk

We sit down with you where you're comfortable, and we discuss your concerns and the choices available to you.

step 2

Solidify your Objectives

With more clarity around your goals, you articulate to us what it is you want for you, your wealth, and your family.


Coordinated Review

Your wealth is reviewed by a range of specialists so that we can determine the right solutions for each segment of your financial picture.




Your Starting Place

We present your plan along with an investment proposal designed to help you establish and grow your wealth on the way to your long term objectives.

Setting Out

Your plan, portfolio and savings discipline ar put into action, along with regular communication and education.

Face-to-Face Progress Reports

At least twice a year, we put everything on the table in one-to-one meetings, in order to review and track your progress.

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My family and I have had a very positive experience with Walker Wealth Management. They have helped me define and redefine my financial needs through several major changes in my life. They are still a present part of my life, updating me with news about the markets and always looking for ways to help me and my family. The team had the depth to help us with everything we needed.

Wanda M.

Client since 2008

After years and years of having my money shuffled into GICs at banks, I only wish I had moved my accounts to Walker Wealth Management earlier. The team took the time to really understand my financial goals and outline a plan to help me achieve them. The experience has been amazing -- and so have the returns!


Client since 2010


1100 - 151 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON

M5C 2W7


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